Day 3: Practice ~ Dwelling ~

God is my dwelling place, and I am God's dwelling place. ~ Marilyn McEntyre

We come to God and all is well.  But then something happens. Life happens. We let the little things take over.  Then we feel like we must work our way back to God.

We have abandoned dwelling with God in favor of works.

Our devotions become a triathlon.  Prayer, Fasting, and Giving cease to be channels of grace.  Our heroic effort knows no bounds. We will go to the ends of the earth to prove our devotion.

Good things like the Scriptures, unknowingly, becomes our greatest defense against dwelling with God.

It's Focus. What are you focusing on?

It's Attitude.  What is your state of mind?  Are moving into Kairos?  Being Present? Dwelling?

Relationship with God is not a scheduled time, or a service.  It's a lifestyle. It is progressive. It grows and develops.

As our lives are going faster, distracted, filled, sleep deprived, we must break with the world to walk with the Savior of the world. To 'let go and let God.'

Enter Rest. Find that place of rest in God.  That dwelling place.

Soak in the moments.

"Be still and know that I Am God." 

Enter your rest.

Given to you.

Walk in rest and peace.

Walk with God in the cool of the day.


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