The Whole World's Changed ie Recovering The Lost Art of Rest

                      Photo Credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center 

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters, compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Splendor of Humanity

Have you ever seen the earth at night? I mean really seen it? It's pretty amazing. Take a moment and click here.  Open up. Let the enormity of it sink in.

I was caught up in the awe, when it hit me like a ton of bricks: The whole world has changed, and we haven't. I felt overwhelmed, but then, there was this spark of curiosity.

Hooked-Up To An Artificial Life

What's the trade off, for our full blown, 24/7, linkedin lifestyle?  Are we really becoming the borg collective, addicted to the constant chatter? Are we afraid to disconnect, and be left alone with our thoughts?

Stop Stealing Dreams

From birth, we're trained for full engagement, work hard, and play hard. We're mentored in our full on never stop lifestyle. We're like rats in a maze, and we don't know who's controlling the matrix.

If you're an extrovert, it's not too bad. In fact, it's Rock On! That is, until your body or mind breaks. Then you crash and burn. So, it's off to the doctor, to get fixed up. And then fixed, you're off to the races, in full denial... no looking back, until you break again, and again.

I know. I was on 7 med's, before I realized that something had to change. Now I'm off everything. But I had to make serious life changes with each medicine.

What's it gonna take for you, to stop and change? The loss of your health, your marriage, your job, or your life?

And what about introverts? It's much, much worse. Many have a 'low grade pain,' continually sapping their strength. It's no wonder so many people are on depression medications. Could it be caused by our lifestyle? I'd give that a great big YES.

So where are we and what can we do?

Embracing The Rhythm of Life

A little over a hundred years ago, rhythms of life were observed.

You blow out your candles, about an hour after sunset. You say 'good night' to your family, community or tribe. You kneel, say your prayers, and sleep in the stillness.

Then it's up early, just before the dawn's fiery fingers paint the sky. The fragrant green earth greets you, on the early morning breeze. You stretch your legs, to care for your land. Then it's time to let the sheep out to pasture.

It's a rhythm that nourishes and sustains you. A community of lifelong mentoring and support. Surviving and thriving, heart to heart.

There's an ebb and flow to life, that we, have not only lost, but forgotten. Lost even in our cultural memory.

It's not until we begin the recovery of our lives, that we discover, just how much we've lost.

Reclaiming Our Lives

I've only just begun this journey of reclaiming my life. And I've discovered that most of us are either distracted, or just slap wore out.

We've lost the Art of Rest. Or we never even knew it. We bought into the lie, that entertainment is rest. We wear ourselves out in its pursuit.

We're really busy, really productive, or think we are, so what is rest?

For me, rest is becoming still, awake, and aware. It's entering into the presence of God through prayer and meditation. It's sitting with God as with an old friend. Few words are needed. I soak in his presence and just breathe in deep gratefulness. I enter into a deep shalom of rest. Jesus made that possible for me.

But I've also found that I can live from this position of rest. Rest becomes my full engagement into my restoration...physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. It stimulates my heart and mind, with deep feelings and deep thoughts for other people.

And though it starts within me, it works out into my whole life. It changes how I treat other people.

Even God Rests

It's a shocking fact that even God rested on the seventh day.

He says that a  sabbath rest is made for you and me, not for some law. We desperately need it.

What would happen if you took one day out of seven to rest? Really revel in rest?

It might just be the tipping point, to making your life sustainable, good and abundant. Who knows what you'll discover, if you do?

We're designed for it. It gives our spirit time to shine and expand. It helps us to set our lives in order.

And I'm not speaking of Sunday. For Believers, this is a day of celebration. We've tried to morf it into a sabbath, but it's never really worked. For many of us, Sunday the busiest day of the week. And that's not rest.

So how are you designing your life of rest?

Did you know that the Jewish day begins with rest? It starts at sundown.

Hebrew's 4 speaks of entering God's rest? I don't know about you, but living a life, resting in God's finished work, Now, that's the life for me. Living from a position of rest. What would that look like for you?

This is a beginning conversation.

Photo Credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center 

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 Wouldn't this be great, if this became a resource of rest. What have you discovered?

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